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Senor Mex Says: I stumbled upon this post and had to post a quick comment! The answer is spot-on, at least regarding yearly Mexican insurance online. Many people who live near the border keep yearly policies to avoid the hassle of having to buy insurance over and over again. Similarly, people who have family down in Mexico often maintain yearly Mexican insurance online policies. This is not to say that buying Mexican insurance is a major ordeal; in fact, buying it online is super easy. Its just that, if youre always heading down there, keeping yearly insurance makes sense. After all, its possible to buy a yearly policy for a little over $140. If thats not cheap, what is? Its also available by the week or day. As you can see from the low rates for yearly insurance, buying it in smaller increments is no big deal.

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“I use the agency below; they handle several companies and I have found them to have best prices. I live in Mexico and pay by the year…and the ins. is a little over 0 a year…so short term ins. should be really cheap. Just call them…either office. Very nice people.”

Insurance Quotes. If youre in the market for some low-cost Mexican insurance online, dont worry – it is really easy to find!

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