Do They Ask for Mexican Auto Insurance at the Border?

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Senor Mex Says: Its interesting that Mexican auto insurance is included on the list of what you need to get into Mexico. While it’s true that you need to have a Mexican auto insurance policy while operating a motor vehicle in Mexico, the authorities at the border arent going to ask to see it. For one thing, many people buy that coverage at the border. There are many shacks right there that peddle this type of insurance. If the authorities ask to see proof of insurance and a driver doesnt have it, he just needs to buy it right there at the border. It’s nice that this insurance is included on the list, but it is a little misleading. At any rate, it is smart to get the Mexican auto insurance purchase out of the way prior to leaving home. It can be bought online and lined up in just a few minutes. Sanborns Insurance Post

“Before crossing the border, here is some important information you need to know to help you plan for your next trip to Mexico. Using the links above, follow this checklist and make sure you carry with you the documents that apply to you: … Mexican auto insurance policy”

Read the entire Sanborns Insurance post here. Are you ready to go to Mexico? Make sure you get your Mexican auto insurance at immediately. Do they ask for Mexican car insurance at the border?

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Debi Markovich August 7, 2014 at 4:51 pm

I have crossed the Mexican border on so many occasions from California on so many occasions. However, at no occasion have I ever been asked for Mexican auto insurance at the border point. But, I do always ensure that I have one.

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