Creating a Photographic Record of Your Mexico Journey!

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Before leaving on vacation, bring extra film, batteries and other needed supplies. While it may seem in excess to purchase additional products, due to popular tourist item mark-ups, it is less expensive to purchase more products, save the receipts and return any unopened, unneeded items post-vacation. To preserve all photographic items, keep the merchandise stored in watertight packaging, and away from heat and/or direct sunlight.

When you prepare for your Mexican vacation the single most important protection you should buy if driving in Mexico is Mexican Automobile Insurance from Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance professionals who know how to save you a few pesos and still provide the best protection available. For more information on Mexican car insurance or to buy your policy at great rates, visit Mexican Insurance online.

If wishing to digitally burn picture CD’s while in Mexico, you will need to bring all of your own supplies, including all necessary computer cables. CD’s can be shipped back home using the Mexican postal system, or for a more reliable method, can be transported back home in carry-on luggage. When arriving at the airport, carry all photographic tools and accessories in your carry-on bag. At inspection checkpoints, ask screeners to hand-inspect photographic items rather than sending them through the x-ray machine.

Ensure all inspected items have been re-sealed properly before placing carry-on in the overhead bin. Depending on area desired, many places have strict policies in place regarding the use of photographic images. Some allow hand-held cameras but forbid the use of tripods. Others charge additional fees for all persons interested in photographing their sites. While some of these requests you encounter may seem strange, they are perfectly legitimate and are found in many of Mexico’s parks and historic sites. It is important to note though, that all fees to photograph sites are usually a few dollars.

Be skeptical of the person who tries to ask for a photography fee that seems somewhat unreasonable, Mexico is a beautiful country with plenty of captivating sights. Move on to the next location if feeling uneasy or financially pressured. Creating a Photographic Record of Your Mexico Journey!

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Sherita Sarris July 17, 2014 at 5:07 pm

While in Mexico I learned that not all camera accessories are easily available to you especially when you go interior. It could save you a lot if you decide to stock yourself. I found out that Mexico auto insurance doesn’t cover items in your car, like laptops. Homeowners insurance does.

Kizzie Burdett May 12, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Go around Mexico and gather digital photos. And in case you have an accident, your on-the-go smartphone will record proof with photos. So always be ready when you leave the house and don’t forget your Mexican auto insurance.

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