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Senor Mex says: This post hits the nail right on the head. Although you can technically buy Car Insurance for Mexico at the border, it’s never in your best interests to do so. It may seem like a convenient option, but it’s a good way to waste a lot of money for no good reason. In fact, it’s not unheard of for people to end up with basically unrated coverage when buying car insurance for Mexico at the border. The Internet is always the place to go. Even if you know of a local agency that sells it, there’s no way it’s going to be cheaper for equal coverage protection and financial strength than what you will find online. Post

It is highly recommended that you purchase Mexican auto insurance before entering Mexico with your car. Although Mexican auto insurance can be purchased from various vendors just prior to crossing the border, you will have great difficulty verifying if your policy is from a quality company approved by the Mexican government, if you have the proper coverage for your trip, if the areas or activities that you plan to do are excluded, or if you even paid the best price for the policy.

You can read the whole post here. Always get your Car Insurance for Mexico Online prior to leaving home.

Car Insurance for Mexico Online

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