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Mexican insurance online – Best Guide to Better Understanding Mexican Terminology

Although you might not buy Mexican insurance online for language learning, you can’t help but absorb new vocabulary as you travel beyond the tourist corridor areas of Mexico. You can find top-rated Mexico insurance policy online without having to speak the best  Spanish, although your provider will be a Mexico-based organization. It is helpful to have some vocabulary tools as you pass into Mexico, but it also helps to know some common vocabulary issues that can help you in better comprehending the language during your travels.

Best Endings Matter

Although you may just be beginning your study of Spanish, you can take notice of the best patterns in Spanish vocabulary, especially with word endings. Verbs, for example, end in -ar, -er, and -ir. If you encounter these words, you know that you are dealing with an action. The verb endings are changed based on who is doing the action. Although you might have some trouble remembering the specifics, learn to listen for the endings to determine who is acting.

The best English ending of -ity is typically comparable to the Spanish ending of -dad. In many cases, you can change this ending on an English word to obtain the Spanish. Electricity, for example, is electricidad. Velocity is velocidad. This doesn’t always work best because similarity is semejanza, not similaridad. However, you’ll be doing well to watch for these easily discernible words as you endeavor to expand your vocabulary.

Don’t Stress About Vocabulary Misunderstandings

As a gringo, a word that actually means foreigner, you might make some humorous errors in your vocabulary efforts. You might refer to your trip, a viaje, as an old lady, a vieja. The two are easy for a foreigner to confuse, but you might elicit laughter as your discussion causes a clerk or waitress to look quizzically at your wife. Most folks are kind enough to guide you to a more appropriate usage of terms, especially if they recognize that your efforts are genuine.

Buy the Best Mexican Insurance Online for Language Travel

The best Mexican insurance online can save you misunderstandings. Border booths might allow you to buy a Mexico insurance policy for language travel, but they won’t necessarily allow you to thoroughly review your terms and benefits as you make a selection.

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Carolynn Danielson October 13, 2015 at 5:33 pm

Knowing how to speak a little of Spanish boosts your confidence. At least you can communicate and be understood because you know some phrases and common words in Spanish. Just remember Mexico insurance online. In Spanish its Seguros.

Corrinne Stuber February 1, 2017 at 4:23 pm

The consequences are terrible! Having no Mexican insurance, you will personally pay for the costly car repairs – this is in addition to the medical bills you need to settle on your own.

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