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Mexican Insurance for Canadians Canadians Winter In Mexico

Mexican insurance for Canadians and A Guide to Wintering in Baja

If you plan to spend your winter in Baja, you may imagine a season filled with warm weather. However, weather can vary by location, and Baja can actually be quite chilly during the winter months, especially Baja Norte. As you prepare to travel, you will need sufficient Mexican insurance for Canadians to cover the duration of your time in the country. Even if you leave for brief periods, a car that remains in the country should continue to be covered by Mexican car insurance for Canadians. Full coverage is ideal as you select Mexican auto insurance for Canadians that will address vandalism and theft situations.

Attire for a Baja Winter

Unless you plan to drive to the mountains, you probably won’t encounter snow while you are in Baja Norte. You can leave most snow gear at home. However, a warm coat or jacket will be useful during chilly nights and windy days. Warm outerwear for evening strolls on the ocean or in your community is helpful as well. Days can be rainy and cool, especially during a year involving significant El Niño activity. However, some winter days are sunny and comfortable. Be flexible and ready to adjust.

Heating a Home

Don’t expect a rental home to be equipped with central heating. In fact, you may not even find space heaters in such a location. You might want to load your vehicle with a couple of space heaters to ensure that you have a way to warm things up. Bring plenty of blankets as well. If you find that you need more, local residents may guide you to a good source for blankets or appliances.


Review your wireless provider’s guide to international calling and data plans to ensure that you can communicate effectively without fear of exorbitant bills. If you will bring a computer, you may want to investigate options for Internet connections as you arrange for your rental site. Your real estate professional may be able to guide you in this area.

Best Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Selecting the best Mexican insurance for Canadians before you go is important so that you are covered for emergencies, including accidents. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians needs to be active throughout your stay.

Mexican Insurance for Canadians from MexicanInsuranceStore includes Roadside Assistance, legal and bailbond throughout Mexico at no additional charge

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Jon Boland January 3, 2016 at 6:28 pm

Before leaving your place, hand carry your Mexican auto insurance. This is required to find access to toll roads and reach your destiny immediately. Now it’s winter, it’s smart to invest in warm blankets and clothing also.

Jackqueline Matheson January 10, 2016 at 5:57 pm

When it’s winter and you travel to Mexico, bring along with you space heaters. However, think in terms of good safety, choosing space heaters that provide protection ratings like quality Mexico insurance does.

Valentine Salerno July 26, 2017 at 6:12 pm

The only way to head to Mexico quickly is by driving your own car with Mexico insurance. Make sure then that you are driving not only for yourself but for everyone on-board your car.

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