Increase In Mexican Tourism Predicted For 2010

The National Tourist Confederation (CNT) believes there will be an increase in foreign visitors to Mexico in 2010 by around 6.7%.  That would prove to be a great benefit to Mexico, which saw tourism, one of its main industries, fall in 2009 because of worries about swine flu and worries about battles with drug cartels.  At the same time, they re also hoping that Mexicans will travel more in 2010 also, as some of their top vacation spots suffered because more people stayed home because of the economy.

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There have been these worries about swine flu and battles with drug people, and that s something to take into consideration when looking to travel.  However, both have been overblown by media, because, for the most part, these things haven t happened in vacation spots with that much activity, and even where it s occurred a lot, such as Mexico City, the ratio to the general population was so small that the odds of getting sick or injured were extremely low.

When one goes on vacation, you always have to be cautious of your surroundings and what s going on in the area.  For instance, though there have been a few incidences with drug cartels in vacation cities, none of those instances have taken place anywhere near the beaches or other tourist areas.  Tijuana, after all, is a lot more city than some people might think it is who ve never been there. 

When you travel, you always need to know where the safe and dangerous areas are, and listen to your travel agent.  You will have a great time, enjoy great weather, and always stay safe.  If you re going to drive or stay awhile, think about getting Mexican travel, auto, or air emergency evacuation insurance if you re worried about your safety. 

Truthfully, though, you will be safe and secure if you stick to the resort areas of Mexico.  And that s the reason you re going for a vacation anyway, right?

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