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If you’ve heard reviews of travel in Baja Norte, then you may be excited to take your own trip into the area. There is a lot of beautiful scenery as you travel, and you can encounter many interesting attractions en route as well. You may not be prepared for road conditions that can crop up from time to time. Unpreparedness can lead to accidents, so your most important preparation is purchasing Mexican insurance coverage ( beforehand. Look for quotes that include emergency assistance, a feature offered with Mexican insurance at You may also be interested in additional travel emergency coverage from

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Military checkpoints are normal in Mexico, but they may be unfamiliar to newcomers. Soldiers are posted to monitor activity. Sometimes, they wave vehicles through, and there’s no other interaction. At other times, a slow moving line may occur because of vehicle by vehicle questioning of drivers. Answer questions respectfully, and you should be on your way. You may be asked where you are going, what your plans are, and what you have in your car. Occasionally, you might need to produce a traveler’s visa or your Mexican insurance at documents related to your Mexican insurance policy.


Narrow highways with steep drop-offs can be harrowing, and Baja Norte has some spots that are challenging for larger vehicles. They can be navigated safely, but an inattentive driver might not fare well through some of the winding segments. Semi activity in the area is heavy because of agricultural activity further south. Every now and then, a semi goes off the edge. An unexpected accident can cause delays. Be attentive as you drive, watching for such issues and waiting patiently if you are slowed down. If you are involved in an incident that sends you off the road, your Mexican insurance coverage can provide the assistance you need in having your vehicle recovered and taken to a repair facility. Your Mexican insurance by will also help with legal fees or travel costs related to the incident.


While severe flooding isn’t common, it is possible. Communities in Baja Norte have even been cut off in extreme cases. When you select your Mexican car insurance policy at, think about purchasing for a term that exceeds your exact travel dates. This will allow you to be sure of coverage if your trip is delayed for any reason.

Mexican insurance at provides immediate coverage saving you time, money and frustration!


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