How to Visit Mexico Without Eating Mexican Food!

Young man enjoying his food.

Everyone has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to food. While Mexican cuisine is wildly popular around the world, especially in the United States, not everyone is so enamored by it. If youre one of the few people who just doesnt care for tacos, nachos, enchiladas and other zesty Mexican fare, you can still visit Mexico without starving yourself. Buy your Mexican  insurance from Mexican Insurance and embark on your trip with the knowledge that there is more to eat in Mexico than tacos. Keep your Mexican car insurance policy with you wherever you go. Having Mexican auto insurance online is also convenient because it allows you to drive around to find food that’s more palatable to you. When it comes to eating in Mexico, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Stick to Major Cities

If you are especially reluctant to eat traditional Mexican fare, you should plan your trip around major Mexican cities. After making your long journey south with your Mexican insurance, you will probably be ready to see the sights. By focusing on major resort towns and bustling cities, you will have plenty of culinary options at your disposal. Like any major city, for instance, Mexico City is chock full of an eclectic range of different types of restaurants. By no means do you have to restrict yourself to eating Mexican food. From Chinese to Thai to American food, you can find whatever you want.

Pack Along Some Food

What happens if youre going to be visiting more remote parts of Mexico though, how can you avoid Mexican food then? One option is by bringing along a large travel cooler and stocking it with staples. There are grocery stores in Mexico, of course. Before heading out into the middle of nowhere, stop in at one and stock up on some essentials. Even if you have to make do with lunch meat sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a while, you will be able to avoid unusual Mexican food that youd rather not eat.

Inquire About Your Options

Finally, just because a menu only has things like tostadas, enchiladas and other Mexican food doesn’t mean that it’s all they have to offer. Many restaurants are flexible enough to make you special items if you ask. Of course, the language barrier could be an issue. Bring along a good translation dictionary so that you can get your point across. Alternatively, you could learn a few basic phrases. “Deseo una hamburguesa,” for example, is a good one “I want a hamburger.” Commit a few phrases like that to memory and you should be good to go. How to visit Mexico without eating Mexican food!

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