How To Use a Mexican Vacation as Part of a Home School Curriculum

One of the benefits of home schooling is that parents have a more flexible option scheduling vacations. Since Mexico’s peak travel seasons occur during the summer months and during traditional spring break times, home schooling families can take advantage of off-peak discounts.

Before you plan your Mexico field trip, in addition to what you’re going to pack for your trip, you also want to pack Mexico auto insurance to protect you while driving. You can easily compare Mexican Insurance options at Mexican Insurance Store to get the best Mexico insurance possible.

Mexico is a great place to incorporate newly-taught curriculum standards and see their practical uses. From learning basic Spanish, to studying Mexican traditions and gain insight into their cultures, Mexico is full of lesson plan possibilities.

Before visiting, one of the most practically-used lessons home schooling families can teach their children is conversions. From the United States’ Farenheight temperature scale to Mexico’s Celsius, conversions using metrics, military time and other mathematical differences will help students develop these new math concepts as well as learn a little about Mexico.

To help learn Spanish, parents may also wish to locate a Mexican pen pal for their child. With the availability of Internet in Mexico, communicating via the web is easy. If able to, your child may even be able to meet the new pen pal. Other ways of learning about Mexican culture and communication online is through the use of virtual field trips.

After engaging in an interesting virtual lesson, parents may wish to view the location in person to experience a hands-on lesson.  Suggestions for other educational visits include Mexican art galleries and museums, nature preserves and Yucatan rainforests.

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