How To Prepare Young Children for Mexican Cuisine

Different from a local taco restaurant, authentic Mexican cuisine may be unfamiliar to many adults, and may seem intimidating to children. For parents interested in sampling some of this authentic cuisine as a family, foods will be cooked in a traditional Mexican fashion using produce including peppers, onions and tomatoes. In addition, bean products will most likely be in the form of a paste, like refried beans, and may taste different due to the lard-inclusive cooking process.

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While a resort-based, children’s menu may have items like chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, authentic Mexican restaurants; especially the less touristy areas, may not even have a kids’ menu. Before heading on a vacation, parents should introduce the various types of produce found in these foods to gage their children’s likes and dislikes. In addition to taste preferences, parents can also find out if this type of food agrees with their child, as it is easier to have an upset stomach before vacation rather than during.

Parents may wish to pack a few snacks or ready-meals before leaving. Additionally, since most beverages are served in cans or bottles and are primarily water or cola products, parents may wish to consider alternatives. Boxed fruit juices and powdered drink mixes allow parents to bring drink items from home and provide a variety of drink choices. Straws, sippy cups and other kid-friendly beverage items may also be brought from home.

If children do not care for any food items, parents have a few choices. First, they can feed their children before leaving for the restaurant and purchase them dessert once arriving. Alternatively, while parents eat, they can also bring their children’s food items with them and eat as a family. Finally, if desiring a couple’s evening out, parents can leave their children at the hotel’s childcare facility or request an in-room sitter. A snack is usually provided at a communal childcare facility while in-room choices include snacks or meals from home and/or room service.

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