How to Make a Telephone Call To and From Mexico!

Man using phone to call for assistance with broken car.

One of the most difficult concepts for international tourists is the change in everyday activities. In their home country, making a call is second nature. From outside of the country, calling home can be a totally different story. The same goes for making calls within Mexico as the phone system is not set up the same in every country.

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When calling into Mexico to make reservations or verify reservations, you must dial an international access code, then 52 and then the number of the local business. For instance, from within the United States or Canada, 011 must first be dialed, then 52 and then the local phone number.

Calling home from Mexico is not as difficult. From anywhere in the country, an international code of 00, then the country specific code and finally the area code and phone number will be used to complete an international long distance call. Again, in the United States and Canada, the process would include dialing 00, 1 and then the area code and phone number of the person or business you are trying to reach. Local long distance calling also requires a special code. If you must make a long distance call within Mexico, you must first enter the code 01 and then the area code and phone number to complete the call.

You must remember however, that 800 numbers do not work across the border between Mexico and the US meaning that an 800 number will work calling Mexico from the US or Canada, but the same number will NOT work calling from Mexico into the US or Canada. This is a little confusing to many people, however suffice it to say that you need two 800 numbers to call cross country depending on where you are making the phone call from.

Also from personal experience if you are calling from Mexico into the US, Cell Phones seem to the most reliable means of communication as land lines will sometimes not work efficiently. Of course, you simply need to contact your cell phone provider in order to configure your cell phone so that it will work within Mexico. Then you can call any direct number across Mexico, Canada or the US and you should not have a problem. How to Make a Telephone Call To and From Mexico!

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  • Patrick Mendez
    July 12, 2013 5:17 pm

    I was in Mexico for 3 days & my blackberry worked amazingly well. Call quality was excellent at most of the places & data speed was quiet low.

  • When my cell phone was out of credit I had to use the phone in my hotel room for calling home. Fortunately everything went smoothly and I could talk without line interruptions. Overall I was satisfied and the feeling was similar to the time when I bought the Mexico insurance.

  • Albert Carrozza
    March 10, 2014 6:00 pm

    Hi. I am in Mexico and I used my cell phone to call home yesterday but the line was pretty bad. However, last night I tried again and the line was excellent. I guess call quality is prone to impairment when we call during the peak hours.

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