How to Drive Legally in Mexico as a Canadian!

If you think your Canadian auto insurance will work down in Mexico, think again. In order for insurance to be valid across the border, it has to originally come from inside Mexico, which is why it is important to buy Mexican insurance from online Mexican Insurance Store for Canadian drivers. Going without Mexican auto insurance for Canadian drivers isn’t an option. If you’d like to stay out of jail and drive legally in that country, you need to have valid Mexican car insurance for Canadian residents with you at all times.

Understanding the law

The law in Mexico is designed to ensure that no one gets stuck paying for damages that are caused by someone else. As long as you have Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers, you can prove to the cops that you can handle your financial obligations in the wake of an accident, and they won’t have to detain you. If you don’t have this type Mexican auto insurance for Canadians though, the cops will have no choice but to put you in jail until they can complete their investigation. It’s sad but true.

No excuses

People sometimes don’t bother with Mexican car insurance for Canadian resident because they assume that they’ll be able to talk their way out of the situation later, or even worse, bribe the officers. Realistically however, the cops in Mexico just aren’t going to care. After all, they’ve heard every excuse in the book. You can’t claim that you weren’t aware of the law; it doesn’t matter. The cops just need to see a copy of your policy. If you can’t give it to them, they have to keep you in jail.

Don’t let your vacation be ruined

As you plan your upcoming Mexican vacation, wouldn’t you like to do everything you can to make it the best trip possible? Without buying Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers, you are increasing the risk of having a very bad time. You can’t completely eliminate the risk of getting into an accident, so you always need to have Mexican auto insurance for Canadian drivers. Without it, you could end up behind bars and your trip will be ruined. To avoid trouble, just buy coverage.

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