How to Choose a Good Travel Guide

Bird watching, sport fishing, adventure kayaking and other activities all seem like fun things to do but for many travelers unfamiliar with a new area, require the expertise of a qualified guide. Using the services of a guide can save time, eliminate your chances of getting lost and can provide insider secrets regarding prime viewing and activity locations. In order to find the best travel guide, visitors should not be concerned so much with the guide’s fees rather than his/her qualifications and experience.

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A good guide has been performing his/her job for sometime and is a recommended expert in the community. Local tourism offices, hotels, marinas and professional organizations maintain relationships with guides who not only have expert knowledge but those who provide great guest satisfaction and have excellent customer recommendations.

If interested in booking a guide, inquire about the guide’s hourly rate, ask him/her to provide a sample itinerary based on your interests and see if any equipment or transportation will be provided.  Sometimes guides will meet their clients at their activity-based location but most of the time guides will greet clients in their hotel lobbies.

Single travelers or people who may not feel comfortable going one on one with a new guide may be interested in taking a guided group tour. These tours usually cost less than hiring a private guide and many tours can accommodate up to eight guests. One of the best benefits about taking a guided tour is that transportation and a light meal are usually provided. Because the tour is in a group configuration, bulk discounts for fees like admission, equipment rentals and if needed, lodging accommodations are usually offered.  

To find a group guide, ask your hotel travel and ticket planning department or visit the town’s tourism center. Discounted coupons or in-house savings tickets may also be available but regardless of price, whether taking a guided group outing or a private guided tour, always remember to tip your guide.


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