How Does The Best Mexican Auto Insurance Work?

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how the Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store works. Some people think that every driver has to buy his own policy; that is not the case at all. Others think that this type of coverage is purely optional, which is not true, either. While its technically “optional,” in the sense that no one will force you to buy it, it is essential if you want to stay safe and out of jail while you are in Mexico. If you are confused about how this type of coverage works, the following information is sure to clear things up for you.

One Car, One Policy

In the vast majority of cases, Mexican travel insurance coverage covers one vehicle. With Mexican Insurance policies, anyone who is legally allowed to drive (Valid License) and over the age of 21 can then operate the vehicle and be covered. There is no need to buy a separate policy for each driver. While so-called drivers license insurance policies are sometimes available, they dont offer as much protection and many insurance experts question their reliability. Besides, basic Mexico insurance is very cheap. For one low price, you can rest assured that every driver is adequately covered. Youre going to want to trade off driving duties, so this is a very convenient thing.

It isnt Optional – or Shouldnt Be

There is no actual law that explicitly says that every driver must have Mexican auto insurance. That doesnt mean that you should go without it, though. The law does state that every driver must be able to handle his or her financial responsibilities in the wake of an accident. If you are held responsible for an accident, you need to be able to pay for the damages or injuries that you have caused. Insurance is the single best way to do that. In Mexico, you are guilty until you are proven innocent, which is why the police may detain you after an accident.

Buy it and Go

Theres no reason to be confused about buying and using the best quality Mexican insurance. Its safe! You can go online and buy a policy in a matter of minutes. Once its purchased, you can print it out and keep it with you while you drive around in Mexico. All the while, you will be protected in case an accident occurs. Chances are that you wont be involved in any sort of accident at all. If you are, though, you will thank your lucky stars that you had the foresight to buy high-quality Mexico Insurance before you headed south of the border.

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