Holistic Vacations and Self-Discovery Retreats in Mexico!

Holistic Vacations and Self-Discovery Retreats in Mexico are a great way to rejuvenate and unwind.

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Stepping aside from the typical tourist traps and everyday attractions, many Mexican travelers seek a vacation that is giving, provides opportunities for inner-reflection, and allows visitors to experience and appreciate nature’s gifts. One of the best ways to witness this type of vacation is by lodging at a holistic retreat center. Frequently located in coastal resort areas and more sparsely in Mexico’s interior, these feature common services and amenities expected at most chain hotels and allow guests to participate in their own, tailored activities. Because retreats are priced differently than hotels, while many travelers must pay for add-on golf, spa and personal training opportunities, most holistic wellness retreat centers include these as one bundled price.

Choices for optional amenities can range from spa-like yoga, massage and mud bath services to lessons in Spanish language and natural, macrobiotic cooking classes. For travelers interested in giving back to local communities, opportunities exist to help repair dilapidated homes, assist with English language instruction and help distribute items to needy villagers. At the end of the day, tired travelers can enjoy a pesticide-free meal followed by a nap in an outdoor hammock.

Moving from coastal areas inland, smaller holistic retreats tend to be less concerned with the facilities’ furnishings and grandiose external appearance; while focusing more on complete guest satisfaction. Taking advantage of the more mountainous scenery, inland holistic retreats encourage the fusion between man and nature. Whenever possible, guests are encouraged to perform outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and wilderness backpacking. When ready to relax, many of these resorts are located near naturally warm springs and provide therapeutic spa treatments.

While not inexpensive, these retreats are all-inclusive and cover accommodations, meals, activities and services. A week long stay can cost over $1000 per person, but for those seeking quiet, peacefulness and self-discovery opportunities, the costs involved are well worth the expense.

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