Highway 1 – A Great Way To See Mexico By Car (Transpeninsular Highway)

If youve ever wanted to take a long trip down the western coast of Mexico, something that might make a fascinating trip would be to drive the length of Mexican Federal Highway 1, while stopping off at a few places along the way.

The highway, also known as the Transpeninsular Highway, goes about 1,063 miles, and can be accessed from the United States through San Ysidro, CA.  Once you cross the border, you start from Tijuana and end up in Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost point of the state of Baja California Sur.

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Parts of the highway go along the Pacific Ocean, while other parts go through mountains. Either way, many parts of the trip are quite scenic, making the drive, though long, very interesting and fun.  Many of the cities you’ll pass have wonderful beaches and hot nightspots, and the further south you go the better the weather gets.

Of course you start with Tijuana and all that it has to offer, but the next city you come to, Playas de Rosarito, is home to what we affectionately refer to as the Pet Rock.  You’ll then pass by Ensenade and San Quintin, both still going along the western coast of the state of Baja California, before heading inward as it cruises towards Baja California Sur.  Parts of the trip will take you through both deserts and farm lands, where some of the cities along the way treat tourists to Western ranch vacations.

Once you cross into Baja California Sur, youre back along the Pacific coastal cities, first heading through Guerrero Negro and visions of the gray whale.  Then you pass through and by many smaller cities along the way that alternate between the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Baja California Peninsula, which offers both areas of water and beaches and deserts.

Eventually you’ll reach La Paz, one of the top vacation spots in all of Mexico, and further down the road you eventually come to San Jose del Cabo and, finally, Cabo San Lucas.  These cities are all major tourist attractions with great beaches and great food.

If you decide to make the trip, give yourself a week or more to fully enjoy it.

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