Hierve El Agua – Paradise for Mexican Travel Photography

Hierve El Agua, located in the eastern part of Oaxaca, is a
definite point of interest for all photography enthusiasts. Infringing
on the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca’s landscape, this popular Mexican park
includes a natural, mineral-infused spring and visible mountain range.

While there are elevated trails here, descending to the bottom to
Hierve El Agua allows photographers to focus upwards on the towering
mountains; with the largest known as Zempoaltepetl. At 9,000 feet tall,
the mountain’s peak announcing itself from the morning’s clouds is an
event that will yield many worthwhile shots. Later during the day,
descend to the park’s lower levels to photograph the majestic mountain
from a different elevation.  While down in the canyon valley, you can
also do some eye-level exploring; capturing nature’s beauty and
enjoying the streaming water’s refreshing breezes. For panoramic views
and different picture conditions, take the park’s hiking trail to
capture the popular canyon valley and mountains from higher altitudes.

Other areas of the park allow for more natural photography
opportunities. One of the most popular areas to capture is the warm
springs. By virtue of their content, many springs leave limestone
deposits along their former routes that resemble paused waterfalls. The
springs here at Mexico’s Hierve El Agua are no exception. Since these
freshwater bodies of water are open to the pubic, they are popular with
swimmers. Visiting Hierve El Agua on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
should allow shutterbugs to avoid large crowds. Should you desire to
photograph the park in different lighting conditions, there are on-site
accommodations available. Depending on the park’s overnight guest list,
cabins may have to be shared with other travelers; however cabins are
clean and reasonably priced.

After visiting Hierve El Agua, other popular mountains in this
area include Cerro Negro and Cerro San Felipe. While these twin peaks
reach the same elevation, they are significantly taller than

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