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Mexico Auto Insurance Specialists – Healthy Traveling Tips Part II

Our last suggestions for healthy travel included both “Bring healthy snacks” and “Stay hydrated” which present an excellent way to keep your body performing at peak levels. Additional healthy travel tips include:

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1. Keep moving. Just because you are stuck on a long flight or in a car for hours does not mean that you can’t get yourself moving. When possible stand up and walk around, or stop the car to get out and stretch your legs.

Doing simple exercises while seated can also help you to stay healthy while traveling and are as simple as stretching your arms and legs out in front of you.

Anything you can do to keep blood flowing to all parts of your body will help ease the possibility of cramping, clotting or other fatigue causes problems. Staying healthy while traveling should always include movement.

2. Pack light. Packing too much can really put a strain on our body. From the carrying to the lifting, dragging along a heavy piece of luggage can really do damage that will last into the first days of your vacation.

You can strain a muscle, causing aching that will definitely make you uncomfortable for the ride or beyond. If you need to lift your bag to place it into an overhead compartment you’ll have even more difficulty, so the best bet is to pack as little as you need.

Most people tend to pack too much, so make certain you think about whether or not you really need to bring five pairs of shoes for a week long trip or full size bottles of shampoos and other products.

3. Bring something to do. Keeping your mind awake and alert is a great way to stay healthy during a long trip. If you are flying or are not a person that gets car sick you can bring a book or magazine.

Traveling is the perfect opportunity to read that novel you’ve been dying to but have not had the time. If you are doing the driving yourself, try some audio books or other informative types of material to break up the repetition.

Of course don’t forget to bring your favorite music along as well.

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Mexican Insurance Store .com Mexico Auto Insurance Specialists and Healthy Traveling Tips Part II

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