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Mexican Insurance Comparisons and Healthy Travel In Mexico

To keep your motors running while on vacation, we’d like to offer you a few helpful tips for healthy travel in Mexico.

Healthy traveling can be difficult since a far journey often leaves us feeling fatigued, achy, and hungry. If you truly want to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, follow these few simple tips for healthy traveling.

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1. Bring healthy snacks. The snacks available for purchase along your destination route will likely be unhealthy, whether you are going by car, bus or plane. To avoid spending unnecessary money by indulging in these types of high calorie low energy snacks, pack your own.

A trail mix filled with healthy nuts and dried fruits is a great idea and also provides some crunch. Granola, fig bars and protein bars are also ideal since they can give your body a nourishing protein and carbohydrate kick when you need it most. They are fast to pack and can easily be tossed into a purse or carry-on bag.

2. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is a key part of staying healthy during travel. Before traveling you should avoid caffeine and alcohol which can add to dehydration.

If you are dehydrated while stuck on a long flight or car ride you will feel tired, weak and dried out. These feelings will carry over into the next day until you are able to re hydrate yourself.

Pack your own bottled water (Arrowhead 12 packs etc)  in smaller containers so you can drink up whenever you get the opportunity and throw away any partially used plastic bottles if necessary. Gallon containers are fine in any hotel room, but once opened an a car, they can easily spill inside the vehicle. Be conscious of drinking extra fluid before, during and after your traveling so that you stay healthy during the long ride. It becomes an easy task to brush your teeth with bottled water.

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Mexican Insurance Comparisons and Healthy Travel In Mexico

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