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Mexican insurance for Canadians

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 Mexican insurance for Canadian Travelers – Head to Baja

Selecting Mexican insurance for Canadian travelers before leaving home may seem sensible due to convenience. However, you might wonder whether home-printed documents for your Mexican auto insurance for Canadian visitors are acceptable as you travel. While the documents provided at a border sales point may have that carbon copy look that makes them seem more official, there are actually some important benefits in selecting your Mexican car insurance for Canadian drivers that aren’t likely with paper-driven selections.

Changes online

One benefit of Internet-driven Mexican auto insurance for Canadian visitors is the ability to make changes or enhancements. If you find that your travel plans will change, for example, you can make appropriate adjustments to your policy by contacting us online or by phone. You might have a cancellation of your trip, in which case you can cancel for a full refund if you have not yet reached your travel date. Has your departure date changed? You can have an adjustment in effective dates made if you haven’t yet reached the start date. Did you change your mind about liability only and full coverage?

You can make changes to your policy before your effective date. You can also update your policy after it has begun if you want to increase your Mexican insurance for Canadians. Your old-fashioned policy at the border, however, won’t let you do that.


Coverage that is purchased at the border may not reach Mexico until your vacation is over. An Internet-driven policy, on the other hand, is electronically transmitted to Mexican information systems immediately, ensuring that if you have a wreck, your Mexican insurance for Canadian travelers can be verified quickly. While you may still have coverage with your paper-driven policy, the verification process could take much longer.

Buy an online policy before you leave!

With a paper-driven policy, your access to information is primarily handled with the set of papers you receive upon conclusion of your purchase. Coverage can be purchased online, however, can be accessed while you are on the road. If you lose papers or need to verify your certificate, you need only to check via your wireless device or at an Internet café.

Mexican insurance for Canadian travelers from MexicanInsuranceStore.com gives you peace of mind!

Learn more about Mexican insurance for Canadian Travelers at MexicanInsuranceStore.com

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  • Glenna Levingston
    February 10, 2020 5:05 pm

    Anywhere you can drive in Mexico and reach different beaches. It’s easy to do after buying Mexican auto insurance.

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