Haggling For Bargains in Mexico and Mexican Insurance for Driving

Mexican Insurance for Driving

Are You A Master Haggler?

Mexican Insurance for Driving and Haggling For Bargains in Mexico 

You may have preconceived ideas about how commerce works in Mexico, but it’s wise to play it by ear as you visit shops, restaurants, and other commercial locations during your trip. Although haggling may be appropriate in some spots, it isn’t acceptable in others. Your attempts to haggle could be viewed adversely if you don’t exercise a bit of common sense. One area in which you might be tempted to skimp is with your Mexican insurance for driving. Although you might seek the lowest rates possible, there are some extras that are worth paying a bit more for as you get your car insurance for Mexico. Mexican insurance for driving is required in order to drive legally on any highway in Mexico.

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Mega Supermarket, Baja

Franchises and Chains

Although mom-and-pop shops may leave room for a bit of bargaining, most chains are not amenable to this behavior. Pemex, for example, is the option for purchasing gasoline, and haggling isn’t an option. Your costs will be tallied in pesos by the pump, which will be operated by a worker. You will need to pay in currency, either dollars or pesos. If you use dollars, your exchange rate will be based on the posted rate. Similarly, a chain grocery or goods store will probably not allow for bargaining. You may be able to pay with plastic in such places, which may affect your overall costs based on foreign activity fees.


You may have some room for bargaining in a market setting, even if prices are clearly posted. If you are willing to walk away without the item in question, you may be more successful, especially if the proprietor of the stand or booth is eager to make a sale. Quantity purchases may be motivation for a seller to offer a deal as well.

Unclear Pricing

In situations involving unclear pricing, you may have room to negotiate. For example, a second-hand store or booth may not include clear labeling of prices, and you may be able to make an offer.

Clarity with Your Mexican Insurance for Driving

As you input details for your car insurance for Mexico quote, you might find that costs are lower for liability-only coverage than for full-coverage. Similarly, lower liability limits carry lower prices. However, your Mexican insurance for driving can provide reduced benefits if you skimp on essentials. This isn’t the place to haggle.

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