Guadalajara: About Guadalajara Mexico!

Guadalajara skyline, monochrome silhouette. Vector illustration.

Located 335 miles northwest of Mexico City, Guadalajara is the main capital of the Mexican State of Jalisco. It is an amazingly diverse city which is coupled with historic and modern qualities and is named after the Spanish city of Guadalajara. It is a major business center and also Mexico’s second largest city with an approximate population of over 3 million people making it the second most populated municipality.

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A peaceful marvelous city with a busy pace, Guadalajara is an ideal vacation destination. The city offers a pleasant surprise to vacationers seeking to experience something out of the ordinary as it is not a resort city. In fact, visiting this beautiful city will give you a feeling of having stepped back into time. Known to be the birth place of the Mexican hat dance and also the famous Mariachi bands, the city dates to the 16th Century and is the main cultural center of western Mexico. Its high ranking economy is heavily reliant on industry particularly information technology, food processing, textile and traditional industries and has also attracted various foreign investment deals due to its business friendly environment.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful and stress free drive in this city, then it is essential to get Mexican auto insurance since other auto insurance from other countries do not hold. Also, the Mexican law requires all its visitors who are tagging their vehicles along to get a valid cover for the number of days you intend to stay in the country.

uadalajara has numerous parks, fountains, plenty of flowers and monuments everywhere you look, which is worth a visit. There are also countless handmade items made in the area around this city and are valued worldwide. What is more, the rich inheritance of colonial treasures is evident in many parts of this city. For vacationers seeking a taste of the real Mexican culture which is combined with both old and modern qualities, Guadalajara has the potential to provide you with a lifetime’s experience.

There are also great events in the city’s calendar where one can enjoy excellent large scale cultural events like music, artistic events and other performances usually in the month of October. The city has a humid subtropical type of weather which features mild winters, dry spells, warm and wet summers. This climate is influenced by its precipitation patterns and high altitude. Guadalajara: About Guadalajara Mexico!

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