Great Places To Get Married in Mexico

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Cabo Surf Wedding

Those looking to drive down to Mexico for an ultimate wedding experience should look into some of the great places to get married. For an overnight trip or a weekend wedding experience, the following locations are sure to set the mood and provide perfect backdrops for your wedding pics.

Remember if your guests are driving even a short distance, you need to remind them that they need to protect themselves with Mexican insurance as US and Canadian auto insurance is invalid in Mexico.

Mexico provides some of the best wedding destinations on earth. Remember that when planning your wedding in Mexico, you must obtain Mexico insurance  before driving. Keep your wedding worries to a minimum by making sure you and your party are protected when motoring around Mexico.

Mexico City, Mexico – A modern, upbeat location, Mexico City provides the flare of the big city intermingled with the traditions of old Mexico. With temperatures comfortably lingering around 70 degrees year round, there is no bad time to plan your wedding celebration. From wedding planning to the honeymoon, Mexico City should be added to your list of great wedding destinations.

Wedding in Mexican Beach

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – For a truly tropical wedding, Puerto Vallarta provides the perfect location to make your wedding day dreams come true. Nestled near some of the best beaches in the world, Puerto Vallarta provides breath-taking views and locals that aim to please. What a wonderful way to spend your wedding day!

Riviera Maya, Mexico – Riviera Maya will provide long-last memories that are unique to this tropical paradise. Your guests will be constantly pampered by the beauty that exists on the Riviera Maya. Sandy beaches perfect for exchanging vows, and lush landscapes provide the retreat of a lifetime.

Yucatan, Mexico – No matter what your wedding style, Yucatan, Mexico can complete your wish list. From sandy beach weddings to traditional Mexican weddings, Yucatan has your best interests in mind. Resorts abound for you and your guests, and there is no order too large or too small.

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