Good Comments on Mexican Auto Insurance Requirements, Except for One Thing!


Senor Mex Says: Overall, this article makes many great points. However, the point about Mexican auto insurance requirements being required by law down in Mexico is false. Financial responsibility is implied; that means that it is in your best interests to carry Mexican automobile insurance; without it, you will not be able to prove that you can be financially responsible for any damages that arise. In that case, the authorities have the right to detain you until you can show them how you will handle your obligations. Its definitely easier to just say that Mexican auto insurance is required by law; its better though to be as factually accurate as possible. If you tell most people that they could end up in jail without it, they are sure to listen.

ABC Insurance Services Post

“Do not simply think the coverage you currently have with your US based insurer will be adequate. When traveling by car into Mexico, Mexican car insurance is a necessity. Not only is it the smart course of action, but its also required by Mexican law and advocated by the U.S. You may think that you could just take the danger, drive sensibly and be fine without the insurance.”

Venturing down to Mexico without checking Mexican auto insurance Requirements at  is never a good idea. Invest in top notch auto insurance to keep yourself safe.

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