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Mexican Insurance Specialists – Golfing Along The Pacific Ocean in Mexico

If you need a little more action when you visit Mexico and love golf, there are plenty of top clubs that you can visit in resort areas. Some of them offer experiences you couldn’t get anywhere else, and all of them show a side of Mexico that most people have never thought possible.

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The top ranked resort golf course in Mexico is Cabo Del Sol, which is near the Sea of Cortés in Los Cabos, Mexico. What’s unique about it is that it has two golf courses, one on the ocean, and one in the desert. The ocean course was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and stretches over a mile along the coastline. The 5th and 17th holes have been ranked within the top 500 holes i n the world.

The desert course was designed by another well known golfer, Tom Weiskopf, and though you can still see the ocean all 18 holes, its natural surroundings are more of a desert and ocean combination. This is a very challenging golf course with varying hole lengths, and it’s rated 6th in all of México by Golf Digest Magazine.

Another wonderful golf course is at El Tamarindo, in Puerto Vallarta, which is built so that it’s aligned with the Pacific Ocean coast. The basic idea behind it was to leave most of the natural surroundings alone while creating a course that’s ready for championship level golf tournaments. The temperatures are usually a consistent high 70’s to mid 80’s, and with only 10 to 15 rainy days a year, it’s ready for golfers almost at a moment’s notice. It’s also part of a full resort that offers many amenities, and is ranked as the #2 golf course in Mexico.

Obviously there’s something about the West Coast of Mexico and golf, because the last golf course we’re featuring is the Palmilla Golf Course, also in Los Cabos. Once again, it was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and is off the Pacific Ocean coast, offering great views of the Sea of Cortez. Unlike the other golf courses, Palmilla offers three different 9 hole courses for different levels of golfers and, of course, scenic views.

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Golfing Along The Pacific Ocean in Mexico – Mexican Insurance Specialists

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