Go Whale Watching in San Ignacio Mexico with Mexican Insurance!

Three women are touching a Gray Whale calf, who is surfacing very close to the boat used by them during a whale watching expedition in the waters of San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico, while another woman is going to photograph the scene.

Nothing beats taking a road trip down the Baja peninsula. The country of Mexico is endlessly fascinating, and the Baja peninsula is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to see the country at its very best. A quick purchase of Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store will pave the way for a road trip down this compelling peninsula. Not sure where to go? Once youve procured your Mexico car insurance for Baja, set your course for the San Ignacio Lagoon, or the Laguna San Ignacio. There, you will be able to check out some of the most amazing whales in the world.

Understanding the San Ignacio Lagoon

The best thing to do is to buy your Mexican insurance for Baja liability coverage before you hit the road. You can easily buy Mexico insurance for Baja online. Make sure to buy it by the week or the month so that you are sufficiently protected. From there, all you have to do is head south on Bajas Highway 1. Just follow the signs for San Ignacio; the lagoon itself is located about 35 miles from the town. There’s no real place to stay at the lagoon, so you should plan on staying in town.

The Whales of San Ignacio

No one is sure how long the Eastern Pacific Gray Whale has been spending its winters in the San Ignacio Lagoon; the first Europeans to come across the lagoon did so in the year 1860. That is when the whaling captain Jared Poole steering his ship into the lagoon. During the ensuing years, the whales nearly went extinct. Fortunately, that didnt happen. Today, the Laguna San Ignacio is a part of the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve; as a result, the whales are protected and are able to flourish. Whale watching is the main industry of the lagoon, so visitors are welcomed with open arms.

Exploring the Lagoon

As long as you visit during the winter, you shouldnt have any trouble seeing the beautiful gray whales of San Ignacio. The upper portion of the sixteen mile long lagoon is where mothers give birth to their young. The middle section of the lagoon, which is up to five miles wide at certain points, is where the mothers spend time with their newborns. The lower portion of the lagoon is where males and females look for mates; its also where whales get ready for their annual journey back up to the Arctic. You can learn more about these fascinating creatures by visiting San Ignacio! Go whale watching in San Ignacio Mexico with Mexican insurance!

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