Go Hiking at Cofre de Perote in Mexico!

Active hiking traveler woman looks down the steep steps of the Nohoch Mul pyramid in Coba, Yucatan, Mexico.

Like other countries, Mexico is home to many volcanoes and mountains. As a result, parts of Mexico are a hiker’s dream come true. If youre willing to take a decent journey down towards the southernmost part of Mexico, you could enjoy an especially interesting hiking experience by visiting Cofre de Perote National Park.

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About the Park

Although the park isnt the most famous one in Mexico, it is well maintained and is home to an impressive extinct volcano. Strap on your hiking boots and head down at your convenience! Part of the name of Cofre de Perote National Park comes from the town that is right by it. The town is called Perote, and it is a great place to stay when you plan on exploring the park for more than one day. The name comes from the name of the extinct volcano that dominates the park. Its original Nahuatl name was Naupa Tecutepetl, which roughly translates to mean “place of four mountains.” The large, shield shaped volcano is extinct and perfectly safe to explore. Many people flock to the park to hike and camp.

Camping at the Park

If youd rather not stay at a hotel in nearby Perote, you could always try camping within the park. Camping is very popular at Cofre de Perote National Park, so you shouldnt have any trouble finding a suitable place. Tents are allowed, so just bring along a decent tent and give it a shot. As cheap as the hotels in the area are, campsites are even cheaper. With the money that you save, you might even be able to extend your trip for an extra day or two. If so you do that, make sure to buy extra insurance as well. Go hiking at Cofre de Perote in Mexico!

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