Go Green on Vacation in Mexico – Mexican insurance for cars

Mexican insurance for cars

The Green Village Eco Boutique Hotel

Mexican insurance for cars – Go green on vacation in Mexico

As the world puts forth monumental efforts to save the planet, we’ve decided to help our Mexican travelers enjoy their vacation with as small an impact as possible. The following below are some resources on green hotels as well as a few pointers for going green during the trip. Before starting your journey, experts urge drivers to pick up Mexican insurance for cars. Buying a Mexico insurance policy online means you get the best policy at the best price, and you can print your Mexican insurance for cars instantly.

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Choose a Green Mexican Hotel

Choosing a green hotel means more than simply staying at a place that plants trees outside. Green hotels make a conscious effort to reduce their footprint and the footprint of their guests every day. Hotels like Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa in Cancun or the Playa Del Carmen Viva Wyndham Maya (among others) have all made commitments to help its consumers go green. To help, there are several ways for you to do your part:
1. Bring your own toiletries. By bringing your own refillable toiletries you not only reduce the amount of plastics that hotels consume, but you also make sure your personal products work consistently on your hair, skin, and other body parts. Save the mini-shampoos for those travelers who forget.
2. Remember to turn off the thermostat, the tv, and the lights while you’re not inside your room. We intentionally left “turn off the water” from the list to not offend anyone’s intelligence, but decided to mention the fact that it did cross our minds. Unless you’re renting the penthouse suite, most hotel rooms heat up (or cool down) very quickly. Turning off the lights and tv save on electricity. You can easily live comfortably when you return while letting the room stay green when you’re away.Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for cars is now required, so secure your Mexico insurance policy before crossing the border! 

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3. Use your “Do Not Disturb” wisely. Using the “do not disturb” sign effectively takes the worry out of having room service come in and remove your slightly used towels. This saves a tremendous amount of water on laundry, electricity on vacuuming, and chemicals on cleaning. Don’t forget you will also create smiles of sunshine from the cleaning staff who don’t have to pick up after you. 

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