Getting Ready for a Road Trip to Mexico!

Whether you live right along the U.S.-Mexico border – in a state like California, Arizona or Texas – or if you live all the way up in Canada, a trip to Mexico can be quite an adventure. What you bring along will largely depend on where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing and how long you’ll be away. One thing that you should never leave home without, though, is Mexican auto insurance. By prioritizing your car insurance and taking care of it right away, you can plan out the rest of your vacation with ease. Read on below to find out more about what you’ll need for your trip to Mexico.

Road Trip To Mexico

Bring Along the Right Documentation

Nothing can sideline a trip to Mexico quite like arriving without the right paperwork. In years past, a state-issued driver’s license or regular ID card would generally suffice; more recently, birth certificates were par for the course. These days, though, you absolutely must have a passport, PASS card or an Enhanced Drivers License in order to cross the border. On top of that, you’ll definitely want to have first-rate Mexico insurance with you, too. You’ll be allowed over the border without it, but traveling through Mexico that way is a definite recipe for disaster.

Tourist Cards

While picking up a Mexican auto insurance policy at the border isn’t a very smart thing to do, tourist cards are another story. In order to travel freely around Mexico, you’re going to need to have a tourist card on hand. Those who fly into Mexico are issued tourist cards while on their planes; those who drive into Mexico can obtain them at the border. Simply put, the tourist card states that you are strictly in the country for leisure travel. Receiving a travel card is a matter of course, but make sure that you keep it on you at all times. Like Mexican auto insurance, it will help you avoid scrapes with the law.

Have a Plan for Your Road Trip to Mexico

While you don’t necessarily have to nail down every last detail of your trip, it does help to have a general plan or itinerary in mind. In addition to obtaining Mexico insurance, then, you should sit down and plot a course for your south-of-the-border travel. Ideally, you should come up with one primary place on which to focus your attention – the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, for instance, or the hustle and bustle of Mexico City. From there, you can set aside a little extra time for spontaneous visits to places along the way. On the way down and on the way up, you’ll have fun exploring this fascinating and intriguing country.

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