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Senor Mex says: Wow, it sounds like you are planning quite an adventure! You will be glad to know that one Mexico insurance policy will protect you all the way through Mexico. It doesn’t matter which route you take or which states you drive through; a single policy is all that you need to stay out of serious trouble. That trouble can involve more than financial issues, too; if you can’t produce proof of coverage in the wake of an auto accident, the police are sure to take you away to jail. An accident will derail your journey to Central America. You’ll be lucky to make it wherever you are going if that happens. The simplest way to steer clear of that kind of drama is by purchasing Mexico insurance. Guess what? You can buy a great policy online, so there’s no need to run all over town.

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“Question by Alex: We are driving from Texas to Costa Rica. Where can I purchase car insurance? -FYI: Sanborn only covers Mexico? Best answer: Answer by Charlie Hmmmm…I don’t specifically know of a company that covers Central American countries. Here is the site for my favorite Mexican insurance. If they do not cover Central America, maybe they could refer you to a company that does.”

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Mexican Insurance – Why It’s Better to Purchase Online

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