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Mexican Insurance Options and Childcare On Mexico Vacation

Many couples visiting Mexico miss out on its more mature wonders by not finding great childcare options before their travel begins. At Mexican Insurance Store, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality and rates on Mexico insurance. When in Mexico, we also want you to understand that romantic getaways by car require Mexican Auto Insurance. Have fun, be safe, and rekindle those flames with these tips on finding the best childcare available in Mexico. Remember a valid Mexican Insurance policy is now required in order to drive on highways in Mexico.

In Mexico, both families and adults can enjoy activities targeted towards each age group. Daytime choices are plentiful and there is always more than one choice of interactive family activity. While this is the perfect opportunity for families to spend quality vacation time together, sometimes couples desire to see the more mature sights in Mexico; whether it is visiting a nightclub, local bar or other nighttime venue inappropriate for children. Thankfully, many Mexican hotels and tourist-friendly cities recognize the need for couples to enjoy a night out on the town. From full-service hotels offering in-room babysitting service to those with drop-in kid centers, there are established childcare options available for vacationing families.

Staying at a full-service hotel offers many luxuries, including childcare choices. These higher-end hotels will usually have kids’ clubs; which are drop-in childcare facilities located on the hotel’s grounds. While these are not free, they have planned activities and with extended operating hours, make it convenient for parents to enjoy time together. Pricing for these locations can either be by the hour, or if booking your child for a special, planned activity; are priced by the activity.

Upscale hotels also have business relationships with stand-by childcare providers. These in-room babysitters are available to stay with your children and help facilitate their nighttime routines. Payment is usually due when making the reservation and most sitting agencies require sitters to be booked for a minimum of four hours.

Before dropping your child off at a hotel’s childcare facility or booking a sitter through an agency, make sure he/she is trained in emergency rescue techniques and is briefed regarding any allergies and medical problems your child may have. In-room sitters may also need to know nighttime routines so continuity of care is not interrupted.

If knowing your needs include childcare beforehand, be sure to go on the hotel’s website and review available options. Call the childcare center directly and get a feel for the environment by listening to background noises and by speaking directly with a provider. Trust your instincts and if the facility is not what is preferred, find a hotel that offers what comforts both you and your child require. The key to having an enjoyable family vacation is to make it a happy, memorable experience for all members of your family.

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  • Kirby Niemeyer
    June 6, 2013 7:12 pm

    One of the romantic places in Mexico I can recommend is Los Cabos. It has various hotels that do not only provide serenity and beauty but also childcare choices. This is one of the reasons many celebs and jetsetters take their vacations here in order to escape from it all.

  • Even a simple drive around Acapulco at night is more relaxed as long as someone knows that the kids are somewhere safe in the professional care of a nanny.

  • Start planning your journey to Mexico. It’s a dream destination if you’re looking for animal encounters

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