Mexico’s Sinkholes: Sacred, Natural Wonders – Mexican Automobile Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican Automobile Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store – Mexico’s Sinkholes: Sacred, Natural Wonders

When people think of sinkholes, images of caved-in houses, fallen highways and other forms of disaster usually occur. Things are somewhat different when referring to Mexican sinkholes. These freshwater, naturally-occurring bodies of water are referred to as cenotes. One of the oldest reminders of ancient Mexico, these sinkholes were formed when meteorites impacted mainland Mexico millions of years ago. Because most of the impact was in the Yucatan region, the area’s frequent rainfall over millions of years filled these newly-formed areas with fresh water. Today, many of Mexico’s cenotes remain unchanged.

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With ancient plumbing techniques limited, the Mayan people prized cenotes as a source of god-given life and relied on their drinkable, fresh water. Below the water’s surface, the Mayan were not sure what lied underneath, but tossed various religious artifacts in the cenotes as a means of trying to contact the underworld.

Today, sacrificial victims have been replaced with willing divers and snorkelers; all waiting to explore the sub-surface and deeper cenote areas. If able to, one of the experiences highlights diving to the stalagmite and stalactite areas of these sinkholes. Because the land was crushed by meteor impact, many natural surfaces caved in which caused an underwater cavern to form. While this took some time to form, these cave structures still are millions of years old and provide a different kind of cave viewing experience.

Before heading on a diving excursion, note cave dives are different than traditional dives. Even experienced divers should have some familiarity with diving in these kinds of conditions. It is best to prepare back home before heading on a diving tour. This way, if your body does not feel comfortable going to these depths and conditions, an alternate tour can be arranged. Remember, cenotes have been here for millions of years and will continue to be here for many years. Safety is most important, so if you cannot complete the full dive this time, a cavern dive will allow you to enjoy a cenote’s beauty in easier conditions. After all, you can always come back and try a more advanced dive later, as I’m almost positive the cenote will still be there.

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