Get Healed in Christus Muguerza, Mexico!

Something that many people in the United States are talking about today is the concept of medical tourism. What theyre discovering is that they can go to other countries like India and Thailand, get quality care at lower prices, and actually have more of a hotel and vacation experience than anything they might be able to experience at home.

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One of the top medical facilities in Mexico that those needing both cosmetic and acute surgery visit on a consistent basis is Christus Muguerza in Monterrey, Mexico. Its a large hospital system that had the first hospital in Mexico to receive Joint Commission accreditation. It’s the second largest hospital system in Mexico, and one of the prime services it offers are concierge services, unknown to hospitals in the United States. They will help you in planning your trip, selecting a hotel for family members, setting up conference calls with physicians and they’ll even pick you up at the airport.

Talk about cost savings. When compared to the average costs for some services in the United States, a person could save as much as 67% off some very critical services. For instance, if you needed a hip replacement, in the U.S. the average price is around $42,000; at Christus Muguerza, it will cost you around $13,100. If you needed a coronary bypass, in the U.S. it would cost you more than $96,000; at Christus Muguerza, it costs around $33,000.

Those are phenomenal savings, but things don’t stop there. The Mexican hospital also has a better track record when it comes to incidences of infection, and a low death rate associated with its surgical procedures. They dont rush to get patients out of the hospital either; if you need to stay two weeks instead of 3 days, thats what you do. And many maintenance procedures that would be relegated to nurses in the U.S. are actually performed by the doctors at Christus Muguerza. Check this link for Travel Nursing IO nursing jobs and hospital spots available right now.

Its worth exploring a visit to a hospital in Mexico if you need to have certain procedures done. It will cost you less, and the experience might be something better than what you would experience here.

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