Mexican auto insurance online and 3 Great Northern Baja Fishing Locations

Rural Northern Baja Fishing Areas

As you drive through Northern Baja, the view of the Pacific Ocean can be enticing. This is an especially exciting view for those who love sport fishing, and it’s an opportunity for the novice to learn. Activity in the region between Tijuana and Ensenada can be pretty busy, but there are some rural destinations that are inviting and soothing, providing a less hectic pace as you look for a charter boat and guide.

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Ensenada is a rapid-paced environment with a vibrant fishing industry, one of the most popular Baja fishing areas for tourists. However, venture just a few miles south to Puerto Santo Tomás to find similar fishing conditions without the competitive pace. Travel along the Transpeninsular Highway 25 miles and watch for signs leading to La Bocana and on to the sheltered cove. Accommodations are available along with rental pangas and guides. The scenery is fantastic, and the fishing mirrors that of Ensenada. Yellowtail, calico bass, lingcod and rock cod are just some of the varieties found in the region.

San Quintín provides another protected bay, a wonderful location to fish for yellowtail. The cove provides charming scenery and nearby accommodations and vendors. This is one of the most popular rural Baja fishing areas on the Pacific side of the state. Look for charter boats and guides for hire, or bring your own boat. A nearby RV park provides the perfect spot to park for a day or for a couple of weeks as you relish the tranquility of the area. The Molino Viejo, Old Mill, is a well-known spot, and locals and visitors all appreciate the charm of the old structures and scenic view. The drive from Ensenada is about three hours, well worth the investment of time and gasoline because of the serenity of the area.

If you are experienced at boating and angling, you may want to investigate the conditions at El Pabellon, just a little further south at KM 16. The road is marked with signs to the area, and camping and RV sites are available. The open beach is magnificent, though the area can be very windy at times. A longer stay at the remote camping area will enable you to compare conditions of the bay and the open beach. It’s tough to leave such spectacular scenery and fishing behind, but many anglers fall in love with the region, returning year after year to visit.

Another hour south on the Transpeninsular Highway will bring you to El Rosario, another of the best rural Baja fishing areas. Charter pangas and guides are available to assist you with your fishing interests at Punta Baja, 10 miles out of town. The area is particularly famous for the availability of calico bass throughout the year and white sea bass and yellowtail in the summer. For a break from fishing, don’t miss the opportunity to see one of Baja’s best-kept secrets, La Lobera. Approximately six miles north of town, the sea lion hideout on a private beach is viewed from above through a 200-foot natural hole formation. Watch for the marker at KM 47.5.

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Great Northern Baja Fishing Locations

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