Gay Travel in Mexico

Outside of the U.S. and Canada, Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations for gay and lesbian travelers. While each part of Mexico perceives gay travelers with different feelings, gay-friendly accommodations and entertainment venues can be found in many of the larger resort towns; particularly in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

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Because many Mexican people are Catholics, gays and lesbians traveling to more conservative parts of Mexico may need to understand why their lifestyle may result in odd treatment. Unlike in resort areas and in border towns where gay and lesbian people are seen frequently, more remote areas like Oaxaca and Guerrero often do not understand the gay lifestyle for two reasons: one, because of their conservative values and two, because they are not frequently exposed to gay and lesbian travelers. If needing to visit one of these places, reserve a hotel room under one person’s name and have that person, and only that person, walk up to the front desk. In these areas, even if a single bed was booked, seeing two people of the same sex may result in a room with two beds being issued. Also, please don’t be offended if there are numerous stares; especially if holding hands or kissing. Remember, many of the more remote locations are not used to gay travelers and people may not understand gay and lesbian lifestyles.

No matter what part of Mexico you visit, note that Mexicans tend to be more accepting of gay males than females. This could be because more gay men tend to visit Mexico or because male gay couples tend to be more noticeable and Mexican people have become more accustomed to seeing them. Regardless of gender, there are plenty of gay and lesbian-friendly lodging and nightclub venues. If planning to visit Mexico, be sure to visit gay travel sites for location information and any gay-themed, planned events. Gay Travel in Mexico.

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