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Mexican Insurance Mexico Auto Insurance

Kaokao Factory Chocolate Tours, Cozumel Mexico – 5 STAR TripAdvisor

Mexican Insurance Mexico Auto Insurance – Fun With Mexican Chocolate Tours

Most people find chocolate irresistible, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see how your candy begins? Mexico is known for its agricultural exports; mainly coffee; however in the Tabasco region, cacao is king. This tree was believed to hold mythological powers to both the Aztec and Mayan people.

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Today, the village of Comalcalco lets visitors tour some cacao farms where chocolate making takes place; from raw material production to shipping completed chocolate products. One of the best places to visit in the area is the Finca Cholula chocolate plantation. This tour offers both indoor and outdoor components. Visitors will stroll among cacao trees, watch the harvesting process and then venture inside to see the harvested raw material transform into ready-to-eat chocolates. Best of all, at the end of the tour, visitors can purchase freshly-made chocolate. This factory-direct purchasing eliminates the need for a middleman and the savings are passed down to the customer. Chocolate tours are very inexpensive (under $3 U.S.) and can last two hours (includes ample shopping time). Depending on time of year visited, there may not be all aspects of the harvesting process displayed. To view the entire a start to finish process, plan on visiting during the cacao harvesting season; bi-annually in late spring/early summer and late fall/early winter.

When researching cacao plantations, or any other type of working farm, be sure to read their visitor policies carefully. While many welcome visitors for a small fee, they have strict hours of operation and many require advance reservations. This is due to the harvesting process. If dangerous equipment is going to be used, companies do not want visitors roaming around. Likewise, if it is during the busy season and the job site is short-handed, harvesting takes precedence over tour groups. When in doubt, call ahead and book a reservation for your party. Have a back-up day established in case the plantation cannot accommodate visitors on your first chosen day.

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