Food Safety and How Mexican Car Insurance for Visitors Can Help

Food and beverage safety is one of the most common questions for those traveling across the border. Remember to buy Mexican car insurance for visitors before taking off. When you visit Mexico, you don’t have to be overly cautious, but you do need to think on your feet. While most of the restaurants, street food, etc. are safe, you could also suffer from food poisoning that can screw up your trip. Depending on what kind of Mexico car insurance policy you select, you may be eligible for useful medical coverage.

Mexican car insurance for visitors

Can you drink the water?

It’s recommended that you don’t drink tap water while in Mexico. Although many communities have water treatment systems, the standards may not be equivalent to those you benefit from at home. Because of this, there are contaminants in the public water supply that you haven’t built up a resistance to. In many communities, not even the locals drink tap water.

If you want the familiar option, bottled water is available. Most stores offer stations for refilling large water containers, called garafones, at prices ranging from eight to 12 pesos apiece. It’s still important to pay attention to conditions as filling stations can become dirty. A better choice may be a water purification shop. There you can clean your garafon with long brushes and hot soapy water. They will do this before rinsing and refilling it with purified water. This is a good option if you will be spending a lot of time in an area.

Restaurant cleanliness

Dining options range from fancy restaurants to simple carts and stands. Mexican car insurance for visitors from is useful for driving around the small streets where authentic street food is usually located. Generally, these establishments will use purified water for food preparation. You can get a feel for quality based on the cleanliness of the surroundings, the level of activity, and the appearance of food being consumed by others.

You run more risk eating at open-air stands and with street vendors, especially if you have no view of food preparation areas. If you observe questionable food storage or refrigeration at a stand, you may want to walk away and opt for a different spot. Use Trip Advisor to find out where the best restaurants are located in your vacation area, which oftentimes happens to have the cleanest kitchens.

Authorities Require Mexican Car Insurance for Visitors

If somehow you happen to get food poisoning, Mexican car insurance for visitors from offers a variety of medical options, all at no extra charge. From comprehensive travel assistance to emergency medical assistance, a Mexico car insurance policy will protect you and your car.

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  • Trent Tullis
    June 3, 2014 5:23 pm

    As you enter the heart of Mexico you fancy yourself with many of their delicate cuisines and restaurants along the streets. Mexican insurance enlists you with many exotic places for you to enjoy with your family.

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