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Mexico Auto Insurance – Fishing News for Mexico: A Guide to Travel Preparation

A November rescue near Chiapas allowed the Mexican Navy to come to the aid of South Americans who had drifted for approximately one month. Although you might not face a month adrift, you could run into trouble if you aren’t properly prepared for the travel needed to reach your fishing destination. Your preparation should include Mexico auto insurance. In fact, Mexico car insurance is important if you will take your own boat south of the border.

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Three sports fishermen on a power boat, proudly show their catch of fish near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Towing your boat inside Mexico vs. traveling on the water

Taking your boat into Mexico by water could be a bit tricky due to increased enforcement of document requirements. You should have a valid tourist permit as well as your passport. You’ll also want to have identifying information about your vessel and its ownership, especially if you are not the owner. You will want to have similar information if you drive into Mexico towing your boat.

Is Mexico auto insurance required?

Additionally, you will need Mexico car insurance. Your Mexico auto insurance must include towed items such as boats, which should be accurately described and valued at the time you obtain your Mexico car insurance. Although you might not encounter stiff enforcement and investigation of these documents during a normal driving vacation, a towed boat might cause some interest. Be ready to show your Mexico car insurance documents and guide as well as other requested documents if asked.

Pro Tip: Mexico auto insurance is also required to use the toll roads, so remember to pick up Mexico car insurance ahead of time!

Following fishing news locally and internationally

Mexico’s fishing news may be more local than international, meaning that you will need to connect with locals to find out what has been biting in a given area. Your coverage can guide you in terms of coverage for accidents and roadside emergencies. Additionally, your provider can advise you of news and updates on travel concerns related to your policy. You will want to make adjustments on future trips if you take a different boat or tow a trailer or vehicle instead of your boat. Carry ownership documentation or permission for any vehicle that you tow into Mexico.

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  • It’s good to know that Mexican Insurance Store provides coverage guide on accidents and emergencies along the road. If you’re a policyholder, most likely you’ve been advised on the updates about travel matters—in connection with your policy.

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    April 7, 2017 5:31 pm

    Limit the quantity of stuff you bring and make use of multi-purpose items. Taking too much for your trip isn’t smart and those can only delay your travel time.

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