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Mexican Insurance for TouristsFish From Your Boat or Pay for a Guided Trip in Mexico?

The idea of a day on the Pacific in Baja may be exciting, but you might not want to go through the work of transporting your boat and gear down the peninsula to take advantage of the opportunities. There are positive elements to either type of trip, but in either case, you will need Mexican insurance for tourists travel if you intend to drive in the country. If you decide to tow your own boat down, you will need to be sure that you select Mexico auto insurance which includes the boat and trailer as well.

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Selecting a guided fishing trip

One of the main things to remember in deciding on a guided experience is price. The per-person cost can be hundreds of dollars, and some boats may be limited to just a couple of people. Fees for such experiences typically don’t include fishing licenses, tips for guides, or other miscellaneous needs. Availability can be limited, especially if you make a last-minute decision to go. If you are planning for a fishing trip, be sure that your slot is reserved before you buy Mexico auto insurance to ensure that your coverage will be valid during your expected travel dates.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for tourists is required to drive on the toll highway, so pick up Mexico auto insurance before leaving!

Should you tow your own boat?

You might choose to take your boat if you want the freedom to fish on your own schedule without spending a fortune on guide fees. Additionally, you may choose this approach if you have more than just a couple of individuals planning to fish. You may still want to find a local to give you some direction in finding a good area to explore. Taking your boat means that you will need to have specific coverage designated on your policy. A lack of towing coverage could cause your entire policy to be cancelled if you are involved in an accident while driving. The towing details must be included on the primary Mexican insurance for tourists associated with the vehicle that is doing the towing. If you expect to share towing duties with another driver in a different vehicle during your trip, each driver must include that towed equipment when selecting Mexico auto insurance.

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  • Each year, thousands of people visit Mexico and indulge themselves in fishing activities. There are numerous locations known for world-class fishing and will point you in the right directions with a guide.

  • Hayden Stephenson
    April 26, 2016 6:03 pm

    Mexico markets are a good place to eat food inexpensively & also to save foodstuff for day trips. This is a great option to save money if your guided trip in Mexico has been very expensive.

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