Just as you might be watching the stock market to monitor your investments or retirement funds, Mexico has been affected by recent volatility on a worldwide scale. In fact, January 6 saw the peso hit a new low in comparison to the U.S. dollar, which could continue to impact the Mexican economy. However, this could prove beneficial if you have any upcoming trips planned in the near future. Your Mexico insurance coverage might not be significantly affected by this swing. However, you could suffer adverse economic consequences if you travel without Mexican auto insurance.

Paying in pesos

For the new foreign traveler, the idea of changing money might be a little confusing. However, you can trade your home currency for pesos by visiting a bank or a caseta de cambio. It is a small booth or shop that houses a business targeting this need. Your destination may impact your need to change money. This is because some parts of Mexico are more receptive to currencies like the U.S. dollar. In fact, traveling in areas like Baja Norte, you may be able to operate without changing your money.

You might receive pesos in change when you spend your dollars. And the exchange may be a little skewed in the interest of the merchant. However, you can function well enough in such a setting. Be aware that the Mexican government restricts the amount of money you have in your possession as you enter the country and as you leave. However, most travelers won’t carry $10,000 with them on such a trip.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance coverage is mandatory to drive the toll roads, so select Mexican auto insurance online before leaving!

Managing your Mexico insurance coverage 

You should handle your Mexican auto insurance before you enter Mexico. This is because there are cases in which you might need to buy additional coverage. For example, your travels could be delayed because of bad weather, a vehicle problem, or a decision to spend extra time in an enjoyable location. Your Mexico insurance coverage makes it possible to log in and purchase additional coverage. Because you pay with your major credit card, you don’t need to worry about pesos or conversions when buying more Mexican auto insurance.

Mexico insurance coverage from Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

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  • Gidget Dallas
    January 29, 2016 4:40 pm

    Economically, there’s an impact in the lowering value of peso in Mexico. However, you can’t deny the fact that driving without Mexico insurance has more negative consequences.

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