Exploring the Shiny Village of Santa Clara de Cobre, Mexico

Just as jungle locations are excellent producers of chocolate and coffee, and Taxco is known for its fine silver, the village of Santa Clara de Cobre is Mexico’s best copperware producer. In fact, this “shiny city” has an economy that is completely devoted to the manufacturing and retailing of various coppers.

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Santa Clara’s copper working tradition dates back to pre-Columbian times where the metal was as prized as gold. The tradition of copper making was perfected by Mexico’s ancient people and passed down from generation to generation. Relying on other local materials, at times the demand for mined copper was so strong; it had to be harvested from other parts of Mexico.

When Santa Clara de Cobre relies on copper, they are being truthful. Copper benches provide the town’s seating while copper lampposts illuminate dark evenings. Walking down village streets, each copper shop offers its own specialty items. Some have cooking and baking utensils while others have copper art, jewelry and household goods.

To see an entire copper collection in a convenient location, Santa Clara de Cobre even has its own copper museum, the Museo del Cobre. This hands-on museum showcases some of the village’s best copper pieces, both already made and those being produced in real-time. Master craftsmen are happy to show visitors how to transform raw copper into finished objects using molds, hammers and mallets.

Private factory tours allow visitors to see each factory’s specialty items in various stages of production. After the tour ends, guests are allowed to purchase items at significant discounts. Since these items are sold at the factory, all have been inspected and are not seconds.

The next time you are looking for a unique Mexican location, consider visiting the village of Santa Clara de Cobre. The town that ensures your day will always end just a little bit brighter.

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    July 15, 2013 5:47 pm

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