Explore Mexicos Reserva de la Biosfera de Calakmul!

Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula.

Every year, thousands of people flock down to Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula to experience is amazing beauty and its incredible ruins. The peninsula is awash in lovely wildlife and gorgeous flora. One place where you can experience them both in ample amounts – along with exciting ruins – is the Reserva de la Biosfera de Calakmul.

Since its located near the Guatemalan border, you definitely need to pick up Mexican auto insurance online in order to get there safely. As you plan your trip, put Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store at the top of your to-do list. Once youre purchased and printed out your Mexico car insurance online and collected the appropriate documentation, you will be ready to embark on your journey. The trip will take you several days, but the amazing scenery and sites of Calakmul will make it more than worth it.

A Bewitching Tropical Forest

The Reserva de la Biosfera de Calakmul was officially put under protection in the year 1989. Authorities recognized the importance of protecting this vast tropical jungle, which contains an incredibly diverse array of plants and animals. The jungle extends an amazing 1.8 million acres – there is no way to explore even a tiny fraction of it during a single visit. However, the most important parts of the reserve are easy to get to by car. Just dont forget to keep a copy of your Mexico insurance policy with you at all times – accidents can happen at any time.

Stunning Plants and Animals

The jungles of the Reserva de la Biosfera de Calakmul are bursting at their seams with huge numbers of plant and animal species. For instance, there are more than 100 different types of mammals within its borders. If you like butterflies, you’ll be happy to learn that more than 500 butterfly species live in these dense jungles. There are more than 30 different types of amphibians and more than 100 different types of reptiles here, too. Finally, more than 280 bird species make these jungles a bird-watcher’s paradise – be sure to bring along binoculars.

Exploring Calakmul

One of the largest Mayan archeological sites is located within the reserve. It is known simply as Calakmul and it extends along an area of nearly one square mile. That may not sound like a lot, but most sites are only a tiny fraction of that size. Around 1,000 different structures are located at the site, too. As large and important as Calakmul is, few visitors to Mexico ever venture there. That’s a shame, because it’s a true sight to behold. If you have the means to get there, it is well worth any extra effort that you have to put forth.

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