Experiencing New Recreation In Mexico!

Visiting Mexico is the perfect time to experience a new form of recreation. Whether it is taking the plunge and going snorkeling, braving a fear of heights and going parasailing, or making friends with a large steed and going for a horseback ride, Mexico offers plenty of recreational adventures. Best of all, many of these activities are unique to Mexico, or if able to perform them back home, are a low-cost way to see if a certain form of recreation appeals to your adventurous side.

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Surfcasting is less expensive than renting a charter boat or guided fishing excursion yet still provides a great day of fishing fun. In fact, this activity allows anglers to get toe-to-toe with their catches. Fishing gear and tackle can be rented at the local marina and surfcasters will need to purchase a fishing license. Afterwards, many harbor locations have fish processors who will clean and package fish until the proud angler is ready for a vacation cookout.

Horseback riding in Mexico appeals to all levels of horsemen. Experienced riders can take advantage of remote trails or self-guided tours while novice riders can enjoy a comforting ride with a tour guide. If having never ridden before, ask for a horse accustomed to inexperienced riders. The gentle creature will help ease the transition into this exciting form of exploration. Horseback rides cover many different terrains from beaches, trails and fields. Rides vary in length from 30 to 90 minutes.

ATV rides allow travelers to explore Mexican beaches and its backcountry. Since May through November is sea turtle nesting season, parts of Mexicos beaches may be closed to ATV riders. Lessons are provided for beginners, and when open to ATVs, beaches can accommodate experienced riders as well as those on a guided, ATV tour. If interested in renting an ATV and beaches are unable to accommodate your request, look for one of Mexicos outdoor trail centers. Here, operators rent ATVs to guests interested in seeing a more rugged side of the country. Experiencing New Recreation  In Mexico!


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