Experience the New Age Ambiance of Tepoztlan, Mexico!

Welcome to New Mexico sign along the highway at the state border.

If youve ever been to a place like Taos, New Mexico, youre already well acquainted with the concept of a town thats centered around New Age principles. Mexico has a town like this of its own; its called Tepoztlan, and it is a truly unique place. Purchase some quality Mexican insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store and hit the road towards Mexico City if youd like to experience this town for yourself. The drive from Mexico City is only about an hour and a half; by getting low Mexican auto insurance rates, youll be able to get there for very little money.

What is it About Tepoztlan?

The town of Tepoztlan is quite small. It only has about 32,000 residents. While agriculture is the towns main source of revenue, it also thrives on its bustling tourism trade. In addition to boasting plenty of meditation places and spas, Tepoztlan is famous for its ancient ruins and its uniquely flavored ice creams. You’ll be glad that you checked out Mexico insurance reviews and headed down. No matter what you end up doing, you’re sure to have a very unique time in Tepoztlan.

Visiting the Ruins

In addition to being very educational, the ruins at Tepoztlan – which are located at the top of Tepozteco Mountain – afford amazing views of the town below. There is a pyramid up there, too, which is well worth a visit. To see all of these things, you have to make sure that you’re protected by Mexican auto insurance. Whether you’re driving straight down from the U.S. or just from Mexico City, you’re going to need good coverage to protect yourself. Without Mexican car insurance, you could find yourself sitting behind bars – instead of standing at the top of an ancient pyramid in Tepoztlan.

Try Temazcal and Some Unique Ice Cream

One great experience that you shouldnt miss out on while youre in Tepoztlan is called Temazcal. This ceremony takes place in small, igloo-like structures. Special herbs are burned to create aromatic smoke; the structure gets really warm and people chant ancient songs. Once youve tried that out, stop elsewhere for some of the town’s famous ice cream. Tepoznieves is a great place to visit, since it boasts hundreds of different flavors. Don’t stick with a boring old flavor, though – try a unique one like chili with carrots. You’re sure to be quite surprised!

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