Mexico Insurance and Excellent Points about Crime in Mexico

Senor Mex Says: You make several very good points about the state of crime down in Mexico these days. Funny enough, many people are more worried about being kidnapped down in Mexico than sitting in jail for going without Mexico insurance. The truth is though, you’re a lot more likely to wind up in trouble for not having insurance than you are for just innocently walking down the street. There are danger zones in Mexico, to be sure. You can avoid them all you want but still end up in trouble, though, if you don’t secure good Mexico insurance. There’s no need to avoid Mexico altogether; in fact, its troubled reputation means lower prices. To stay safe, the most important thing is to buy a decent Mexico insurance policy online. As long as that’s done, you can avoid the majority of serious problems.

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“It is an ongoing debate about Mazatlan, Mexico. Justified or not, tourism is down. Land vacations tour operators are being cautious more than ever. Cruise lines refuse to stop due to real or perceived security issues (stabbings, drug lord bombings, no bingo). But those who live there say it is safe.”

Read the whole post here. Dramatically reduce your odds of getting into serious trouble south of the border by purchasing Mexico insurance at Excellent points about crime in Mexico!

Mexico insurance online saves you time and money

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