Escape from it All in La Manzanilla, Mexico!

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Big resort areas arent for everyone. Some of Mexicos most famous and popular attractions are seaside resort towns like Acapulco, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta. Many people love the hustle and bustle of such places; if youre not one of them, though – but would still like to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation – there are plenty of other options. One of them is located within a reasonable distance of Puerto Vallarta. It is called La Manzanilla and it is an excellent place to rejuvenate your senses.

Do You Need Mexican Insurance to Get to La Manzanilla?

You can save a bundle by driving to La Manzanilla. Just make sure that you buy a decent Mexico insurance policy before you leave home. A quick Internet search will show you that Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance is readily available online. Choose a Mexican insurance provider who has an impeccable reputation for best results. Browse through your Mexican insurance options to pinpoint the policy thats right for you. Once youve found it, pay for it and print out a copy of your Mexico insurance policy – you’re now ready to head on down to La Manzanilla!

The Beauty of La Manzanilla

By driving down to this idyllic seaside fishing village, you can enjoy plenty of time on the beach; on top of that, you can engage in great activities like fishing, diving, swimming and hiking. Learn more about what La Manzanilla has to offer you by reading the follow information! La Manzanilla is located in the state of Jalisco, about three hours to the south of Puerto Vallarta. It sits on the Bay of Tenacatita and boasts a gently curving beach and relatively tranquil waters. Throughout its history, La Manzanillas economy has primarily revolved around fishing. To this day, it continues to be a prime place to catch some amazing fish. While you’re there, hire a local fisherman to help you catch various types of fish. For a very small amount of money, many of them will happily assist you.

Other Things to Do

In addition to laying on the beach and splashing in the surf, there are plenty of other fun things to do in La Manzanilla. Despite its small size, the village features many great attractions. Be sure to stop by its mangrove, where many types of exotic birds can be seen. The village itself also boast an eclectic array of places, including art galleries and exceptional restaurants. Indeed, La Manzanilla generally has everything that you could possibly want when it comes to a beach vacation. You wont find huge beach-front hotels and resorts, but you will find a laid-back atmosphere, a quaint downtown and many very welcoming people.

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