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When most tourists think of Baja California, they think of Tijuana, the fourth largest city in Mexico, conveniently located just south of San Diego. There is a lot to do in Tijuana, but that city is only the beginning. If you drive just 90 miles south of the U.S. border, you arrive in Enseneda, a coastal that has been dubbed Cinderalla of the Pacific. If you have ever been on a Mexican cruise, chances are your ship took port in Enseneda. But it’s an easy drive from California, and well worth the trip.

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Ensenada, Mexico

Not only are the beaches of Ensenada a dream, but it’s a wonderful place for whale watching. The gray whale frequents the waters off the coast of Enseneda, making it a popular destination for naturalists and others hoping to catch a glimpse of this mammoth creature.

In addition to the ocean, Ensenada has beautiful forests and mountains, offering an infinite range of hiking and camping possibilities. You can visit the Catavina Caves and see primitive art from as long as 1000 years ago, or visit the areas many missions and view architecture from eras gone by.

Port of Ensenada

A large Mexican flag flying at the Port of Ensenada.

The mountains, valleys, beaches, and communities of Enseneda offer a wide range of sporting and outdoor activities, but Enseneda also has sites for the traveler who is looking to kick back and relax.

If you travel to Ensenada, be sure to stop by the Hussong’s Cantina, the oldest bar in the California’s, dating back to 1882. It’s a great place to kick back with a cold drink and absorb the history of Ensenada before venturing out to shop, dine, and enjoy.

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