Ensenada, Mexico is a Fun Destination!

Senor Mex says: I agree with this post because I have been to Ensenada several times. It’s a great place for just about anyone to visit. It’s an especially nice alternative to Tijuana. If you can set aside a little extra time to drive to Ensenada, you will be able to see a whole other side to Mexico. It’s crucial to line up decent Mexico car insurance by online Mexican Insurance Store.com before you make the drive down to Ensenada though. If you don’t have this Mexico car insurance online coverage, you will expose yourself to a lot of serious trouble. I’ve even known people who have ended up in jail for doing so.

Suite 101 Post

“Travel to Ensenada, Mexico for romantic coastlines, superb Pacific beaches, and authentic Mexican cuisine-perfect for weekend getaway within a short drive from the U.S. An Ensenada vacation will appeal to everyone from resort-goers and surfers, to vacation homeowners and wildlife watchers. Moderate temperatures and plenty of fun activities make this port city a popular weekend getaway at just 90-minutes south of San Diego. Getting from San Diego to Ensenada for a Weekend Getaway. At 70 miles (112 km) south of San Diego (via Tijuana), Ensenada is within easy reach for a weekend getaway. For those driving, Mexican auto insurance is highly recommended by the local tourism board. Taking the bus is a stress-free alternative with departures from San Diego daily.”

Check out the entire Suite 101 post here and remember Mexico car insurance online.

Ensenada, Baja California – La Bufadora

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