Ensenada Mexico – Beautiful Cinderella of the Pacific!

A view of the city of Ensenada with mountains and clouds in background in the state of Baja California Norte, Mexico

Ensenada is the longest peninsula in the world with mild temperature all through the year. Therefore, it has been voted a the top choice of Canadian travelers. The variety of beaches in the peninsula and natural attractions make your visit to the area a new experience! The cascade of mountains surrounding the area makes area one of the most fascinating destinations on earth. While excursing through Ensenada you get ample of opportunities to explore the wildlife and biodiversity of the area. The eco tourists and national parks are a boon for adventure buffs. There is so much to enjoy in Ensenada that you cannot afford traveling without your own vehicle. But remember, you need to buy Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians before you enter Mexico start driving your vehicle.

In case, you get into an auto accident, the Mexican government will not consider any of your US or Canadian insurance policies. Therefore, Mexican Car Insurance is necessary. According to experts, you should buy Mexico Insurance from online Mexican Insurance Store as it gives you the flexibility to prepare yourself beforehand. Moreover, you can stay away from any kind of hassle of waiting in line and paying more fees and getting less reliable coverage by buying the Car Insurance for Mexico at the border.

The beaches in Ensenada are known for the best beach activities and water sports. However, the thing that discerns it from other beaches in Mexico is the activity of Gray Whale Watching. Canadian beach lovers visit Ensenada especially between December and April as this the time when gray whales come out of the water and dive in again. The natural phenomenon is worth clicking and shooting, because there are very few places in the world where you can enjoy such attractions. The best way to watch gray whales is to get in touch with some local tour organizer. You can be a part of the group led by local fisherman and specialist guides and get rare knowledge about the marine life.

If you want to enjoy water sports at a secluded beach, you should head towards the Bay of All Saints which is just 13 miles away from Ensenada. You can go for cycling, swimming, fishing and sailing on the beach and its waters. Canadian water sport lovers visit the bay especially for the surfing friendly conditions created by coastline which could be as high as 3 meters. Do you want to experience the thrill of height and want to now the history as well? What if you get both these thing in one go? Definitely great! Ensenada is full of cave paintings. You can explore through the unique rustic paintings but first you need to climb up the cliffs. Therefore, has become a rage among hikers and mountaineers.

Also don’t forget the fish tacos and go see La Bufadora!

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  • Tam Badaloni
    August 6, 2013 5:43 pm

    Ensenada and beaches make the perfect match. I’ve never thought that Ensanada had such beautiful scenery. I drove a lot to inspect the different attractions. It was a fun and non-scary experience. I had my car protected by the Mexican auto insurance.

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